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Commercial Real Estate Data for Free?

The site has been up for about eight months now and I’ve come to realize that I haven’t posted anything about how it works.

First of all the web site is free for all to use. Right now whether you are a member or not does not matter. The only difference is that members have access to much more data, presented in different formats. To become a member you simply have to sign up all you have to do is go to the Login/Sign up link at the top of every page and provide an email address and a password. That is it. I promise to never share your email address or fill your inbox with spam. So far I have never sent an email to any member of the site. I don’t promise that I never will, but if I do it will be very infrequently.

After you sign up you will have access to the Member’s Area, which organizes sales by property type both as lists and on maps, instead of just providing a long list of all recent sales transactions. Both the lists of sales and the maps include comments about the sales.

In the Member’s Area the sales are organized into general property type such as land, apartments, commercial, industrial, and vehicle related. The sales are presented in lists with sales listed in chronological order as well as on maps. It is the same set of data for both sales lists and maps.

Backup data is just a click away on the sales lists. By clicking on the comment section of most sales a data package in downloaded to you that at a minimum includes a copy of the deed, a field card, and a site plan. Other data that may be included consists of newspaper articles, marketing brochures and pictures of the property. There is no charge for downloading the backup data.

The area that I cover is greater Lowell, which is more or less the area covered by the North Middlesex Registry of Deeds. Some data is included from outside the area including sales I have researched for some of the appraisals I do to make a living.

I hope that you will give it a try.

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