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I'm a commercial real estate appraiser based in Lowell, Massachusetts. I have been in the appraisal business for over 25 years. I started as a research assistant at T.H. Reenstierna & Sons in Arlington, MA. Later I moved on to start my own company, providing commercial real estate sales data to appraisers. About 1995 I started working for Eric Reenstierna Associates as a trainee appraiser and in 2007 I became a Certified General Appraiser in the state of Massachusetts. I have worked on many property types, from small commercial condominium units to large industrial facilities. My primary area is the Merrimack Valley, but I take on assignments just about anywhere. I am also happy to share data with other appraisers. I am a candidate member of the Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers and I am on their Government Affairs Committee.


Comparable Sales Approach

Income Capitalization Approach

Cost Approach

Abutter Approach 


Microsoft Office Including:










T. H. Reenstierna, LLC 
Arlington, Massachusetts 
Real Estate Appraiser

2007 - present


At T.H. Reenstierna I appraise a wide variety of property types, including apartment complexes, office buildings, residential land, parking lots, conservation land, gas stations, repair garages, fraternal buildings, and industrial buildings. Some unusual projects that I have worked on include an animal shelter, schools, and a house of worship that was attached to a repair garage..



Braese Associates 
Woburn, Massachusetts
Real Estate Appraiser - 

2007 - present


​The appraisals that I do for Braese Associates tend to be mix of propeerties in the Woburn Area, although they are sometimes further afield. I appraise many mixed use buildings with street retail and apartments above, retail, restaurants, small to mid-size offices and industrial buildings. I also appraise restaurants, commercial land, subdivisions, repair garages, and gas stations. I have also appraised medical office, office, and industrial condominium units for Braese Associates. 



Eric Reenstierna Associates
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Real Estate Appraiser Trainee - 

1995 - 2007


I started working for Eric Reenstierna in 1995 as a trainee appraiser.  I started by doing research and going on inspections with Eric.  Eventually I started writing sections of reports and then moved on to doing assignments on my own.  I was also the ad hoc IT person for the office.  I set up and maintained networks, maintained the devices on the network.  I also did work on Eric's web sites.  I wrote code and helped with design work.

Types of Properties Appraised

Single Family Houses

Two-Family Houses

Apartment Buildings

Residential Land



Development Rights


Mixed Use Residential/Commercial


Office Buildings

Office Condominium Units

Medical Office Buildings

Medical Office Condominium Units

Retail Buildings

Community Shopping Centers


Repair Garages

Gas Stations


Commercial Land


Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing Buildings


Cold Storage Warehouses

Food Processing Facilities

Mill Buildings

Industrial Condominiums

Industrial Land


Houses of Worship


Conservation Land/Parks


Appraisal Education

Massachuetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers


USPAP Updates through 2014-2015

REA 1 – Real Estate Appraisal Basics

Appraisers REA 1.2 Practical Residential Appraising

REA 2 A – Introduction to Income Property Appraisal, Part A

REA 2 B – Introduction to Income Property Appraisal, Part B

REA 5.1 – Appraising Complex Residential Properties

Virtual Real Estate Appraising

Advanced Virtual Real Estate Appraising

Apartment Appraisal Seminar

Appraising Easements Seminar

12 Things Commercial Appraisers Should Know

Restaurant Valuation Issues

Golf Course Valuation Issues

GIS in Massachusetts

Appraising Oddball Properties (short seminar)

The Phone is Your Ally (short seminar)

Appraiser Expos (2008 - 2014)


JMB Real Estate Academey


Appraisers Uniform Residential URAR Appraisal Report





Land and Site Valuation

Mold, Pollution and the Appraiser

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