William "Tom" Whiting, Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Lowell and Merrimack Valley, Mr Lowell


a bit about me:

I'm a commercial real estate appraiser based in Lowell, Massachusetts. I have been in the appraisal business for almost 30 years. I started as a research assistant at T.H. Reenstierna & Sons in Arlington, MA. Later I moved on to start my own commercial real estate data company, providing sales data to appraisers doing commercial assignments. About 1995 I started working for Eric Reenstierna Associates as a trainee appraiser and in 2007 I became a Certified General Appraiser in the state of Massachusetts. I have worked on many property types in New England and throughout the country, from small commercial condominium units to large industrial facilities. My primary area is the Merrimack Valley, but I take on assignments just about anywhere (places besides Massachusetts where I have worked using temporary licenses include Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Minnesota). I am also happy to share data with other appraisers or anyone else interested in the local commercial real estate market (check out the sales on my Market Data page).