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New Market Research Features

I have added some new features to the Market Data section of the site. The first is that there is a Recent Sales section for non-members. I encourage everyone to become a member though, as members have access to much more information presented in different ways.

The second is the Map sections for Industrial, Commercial, Apartments, and Land Sales. Non-members do not have access to this section. When a user first opens one of the maps all of the available sales for that property type are shown. Some of the sales will be clustered, if there are two many in a small area. When sales are clustered there will be a blue or yellow marker with a number. The number represents the number of sales in the cluster. By clicking on the cluster marker the map zooms in to show the individual sales in that cluster. Clicking on a sale marker reveals an information bubble with a picture, sale date, grantor, grantee, sale price, land area, and the building area (or number of units in the case of Apartment sales).

Other features of the sales maps include a list that a user can activate on the right side of the map. The button to activate the list has two left pointing arrows (<<) and is located in the upper right corner to the right of the Map/Satellite button. A user may also conduct a more detailed search by click on the Search button under the Map/Satellite button in the upper right corner of the map. This feature allows users to search for ales within a specified distance of an address. Users may also search for specific property types, and ranges of land and building areas. One nice feature that I really like is zooming in while in Satellite mode. When a user zooms in to a low level above the sale the view shows an aerial view from and angle. The user may then rotate the view to see the property from four sides.

I hope that you try out these features. Please excuse the advertising on the Map pages, it keep helps keep my costs down.

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